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Hamied Inspirational Chemistry Programme

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By A Staff Writer

Bangalore: Dr.Yusuf Hamied, Chairman of Cipla, a pharmaceutical firm manufacturing generic medicines has announced Rs. 8 crore donation to the Royal Society of Chemistry to launch Hamied Inspirational Chemistry Programme in India aimed at equipping 8,000 teachers across India with the specialist knowledge and skills to deliver exciting and engaging chemistry lessons. It will also provide 1,600 of the brightest chemistry students from all backgrounds with the places at chemistry camps to motivate them to reach the necessary standards to study chemistry at university level.
The announcement was made at the 14th edition of Bangalore India Bio which was also attended by Dr. Robert Parker, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Dr. Parker said the fund will help the ‘train the trainer’ programme to prepare better teachers.
The programme will be managed by the Royal Society of Chemistry in partnership with the UK’s Salters Institute and leading Indian academic institutes to enhance the skills and knowledge of Indian chemistry teachers and inspire students to study chemistry at university.