Hawker’s son becomes the Judge Inspiring journey of Mohammad Qasim

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Hawker’s son becomes the Judge Inspiring journey of Mohammad Qasim

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New Delhi: From selling biryani on the streets with his father, Mohammad Qasim is now on the path to becoming a judge.

It’s an inspirational tale of Qasim who is a resident of the historic town Sambhal, roughly 160 kilometers from the capital Delhi.

According to India Today, a few years ago, 29-year-old Qasim used to wash soiled plates while pulling his father’s handcart in Sambhal. By earning the 135th position in the Provincial Civil Service (Judicial) examinations, he has now given his family cause for celebration.

The results of the 2022 Civil Judge Junior Division examination, popularly known as the Judicial Services exam, were made public last week (30 August) by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC PCS).

The troubles and hardships of Qasim’s history would overwhelm most people. Being the son of a diligent vendor and a member of an impoverished community, Qasim spent his primary school years helping his father with labor and washing dishes at his booth. Despite these overwhelming obstacles, Qasim never let his aspirations go.

Qasim’s academic trajectory exhibits his commitment and tenacity. He attended Warsi Junior High School after failing the tenth grade once, then continued his education in his community.

His academic education then took him to Delhi University, where he earned an All India Rank 1 in the LLM examine in 2019. He had previously studied law at Aligarh Muslim University. Later, in 2021, he was eligible for the UGC NET.

The fact that Qasim was able to rise from being a roadside seller to being a judge is a credit to his perseverance, dedication, and his family’s unshakable faith in him. It is obvious how happy his family and the local community are over his wise accomplishment.

Sambhal’s youths are motivated by Qasim’s humble upbringing and unwavering character. It is a powerful reminder that there are no short routes to success and that persistence and hard effort always pay off. His journey serves as a reminder of the value of education and its capacity to change people’s lives.