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Bazm-e-Niswan Distributes Scholarships worth Rs. 85 Lakhs

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Keeping up with its tradition of upliftment of women, the Bazm-e- Niswan Trust distributed scholarships worth Rs. 85 lakhs for education of girls.

The Bazm-e-Niswan Charitable Trust organised its 40th Annual Scholarship Programme here in the city, last month. Scholarships worth Rs 85 lakhs were distributed through cheques to deserving underprivileged girl students from pre-university courses, professional courses, both medical and engineering. For pre-university students, Rs 3000 per student, per annum was disbursed, while for medical students, Rs 8000 and engineering students, Rs 6000 per annum.
Under the Presidentship of Mrs Husna Ziaulla Sheriff, Bazm-e- Niswan has been working for the upliftment of under-privileged women and girl students for the last four decades. Apart from this, the Trust also offers emergency relief to the victims of physical abuse and economic deprivation, provides hostel facilities for students and working women, organizes campaigns to prevent abuse and violence against women and also works closely with all secular NGOs too.
Bazm-e-Niswan Charitable Trust has initiated a number of schemes to bring women into the main stream of national life by uplifting their condition. The Scholarship Scheme of Bazm-e-Niswan provides scholarships for meritorious, but economically weak students to pursue higher education. Since 1974, more than 50,000 girls have benefitted from this scheme. They have qualified as doctors, engineers and graduates in different fields. Some of them who qualified as doctors and engineers are working abroad. The Basera Project is a much-needed Relief and Rehabilitation home for old women with no family support, and a safe hostel for working women has been built with modern facilities. Care for the Elderly is a major programme of Bazm. Nearly 250 elderly women and men are given a monthly allowance in cash, food and clothing. The Assistance for the Marriage of Poor Girls Scheme provides essential bridal items for the marriage of poor girls to reduce their burden, and every year, around 300 girls avail of the benefits of this scheme. Medical aid is offered by providing financial assistance to patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases. Among other schemes being implemented by Bazm-e-Niswan are adopting government schools to improve the standard. Sahara Self Help Programme is aimed at empowering women through self-help programmes. Training in embroidery, tailoring and different types of handicrafts is imparted to young girls. Training in food preservation, bakery and confectionery, candle making, flower making, fashion design, computer application etc., has also started. Micro-credit schemes will also be introduced to provide small loans to small entrepreneurs. Coaching classes for PUC students and “Iqra,” offers a creative head start for a great future for the children. For more details, write to Wajid at [email protected]. (9341212670) www.bazm-e-niswan.org