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Hyderabad Mosque Opens Doors for all Communities

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In an example of communal harmony, a mosque in Hyderabad opened its doors for members of all communities to visit and understand the principles of Islam. As part of its ‘Visit My Mosque’ program, the mosque opens its doors on one day in the year for members of all religious communities to visit the shrine and understand the various religious practices under Islam. This year, ‘Eid Milap’ was held on June 6, and on the occasion, locals were given a chance to visit Masjid-e-Quba.Speaking to ANI, Mahita, a visitor, said, “This is my first visit to a mosque. We thought that normally they don’t allow us into a mosque. But the mosque management has allowed and for the first time, we witnessed how prayers are held. We also got to know many things after coming here about Islam.”Syed Mohsin Ali, the organiser of this event, said the main objective is to spread awareness on Islam as well as to bridge the existing gap between religious communities. “We have conducted Visit My Mosque program mainly to promote social harmony and brotherhood and reduce the gap between communities. The objective of this initiative is to invite other communities to our mosque and make them understand how our religious activities take place,” he said.