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Hyderabad’s Kind Breadman

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People have been donating money, distributing essentials, and cooking for the needy during the ongoing pandemic. But a breadman in Tolichowki, Hyderabad, is helping the needy with his out-of-the-box initiative. Mohammed Iqbal, who runs Abdullah Naan Mahal, does not want anyone to go hungry. So, he came up with Neki ki Roti (‘Bread of Goodness’). Every morning, he places a basket outside his eatery for people to buy naan rotis and put them in it. “Anyone, rich or poor, can pick up the rotis from this basket. No one should go hungry,” he says.

Iqbal himself places at least 20 rotis a day in the basket. “By doing this, we are not helping people but God. It is God who is making us do this,” he believes. “Even those, who are not my regular customers, are now buying Neki ki Rotis to help the poor.”

(Extracted from newindianexpress.com)