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Imam’s daughter scores 97%.

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Dreams to be a doctor to serve the Poor

H y d e r a b a d : Tayyaba Fatima, daughter of an Imam of a small mosque, is one among the scores of girls who have set a goal for  them against all odds and she is hopeful that she would fulfill her dream. Daughter of an Imam of Masjid Baqer Husaini, located at Basti Nabi Kareem surrounded by slums, is studying in the fifth standard. She is so deprived that she does not have a complete set of books. She had to face various punishments for the whole year when she could not pay the school fee on time. But despite all these, she secured nothing short of 1st division. And this time, she secured 97 percent marks. She says ‘I want to become a doctor not because I want to earn money, but to serve poor people like us.’ She further says, ‘whenever any of our family members falls ill, we don’t have money to go to a hospital’.