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Islami Baitulmal, Vaniyambadi – Loan Turnover nearing Rs. 2 Cr.

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Vaniyambadi (T.N.): The Islami Baitulmal here extended interest-free loans to the tune of nearly Rs. two crore during 2014-15 to 2,014 persons. Ninety three small traders were provided loans to the tune of Rs. 20.40 lakh during the same period.
The Annual Report of the Baitulmal says, 130 students were provided scholarship with a total disbursement of Rs. 7.25 lakh. It also helped 141 families to perform marriages of the girls. It spent Rs. 1.41 lakh by ways of medical assistance to 58 patients.
Besides annual donations, the Baitulmal generates funds through rental income from shops that it owns in the town’s market and has recently let out flats built over its property in Taj Club, a premises from which it also operates.