Jamiat Ahle Hadith Urges the Community  to Spread True Message of Islam

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Jamiat Ahle Hadith Urges the Community to Spread True Message of Islam

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Delhi: At its National Executive Committee meeting held here at its headquarters on October 13, the Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Hind passed a number of resolutions pertaining to the community and the country. Ameer Jamiat Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahdi Salafi presided over the meeting.

In his presidential remarks, Maulana Asghar Salafi focused on the reformation of belief, monotheism, adherence to the Quran and the Sunnah, piety and purity, unity and solidarity, brotherhood, good morals, and moderation. He added that all things and affairs should be transparent. He also placed a strong focus on the necessity of educating the brothers and the country about philanthropy, communal peace, and the numerous humanistic and enlightened teachings of Islam. He strongly denounced acts of public disorder, religious hatred, and provocation and exhorted the community to carry out its obligations to the Ummah with all of its faith, patience, discipline, courage, and wisdom.

The report of the Jamiat was presented in the meeting by Maulana Muhammad Haroon Sanabli, general secretary of the Jamiat Ahle Hadith Hind.

In the meeting, the Jamiat’s activities were also discussed, and prospective dawati, educational, organizational, construction, welfare, and humanitarian programmes were taken into account. Additionally, the financial stability of the Jamiat was discussed at the national level, particularly concerning the Ahl Hadith Manzil and the multipurpose building that is currently under construction in the Ahl Hadith Complex. However, it was requested that the well-wishers offer greater assistance.

To clear up misconceptions regarding Islam and Muslims, the Majlis-e-Amaila called for the dissemination of Tawheed and other Islamic teachings to the entire human race. The “Taarif Seerat” campaign started by the Jamiat was applauded as it emphasized the need for rapprochement, reciprocal love, and communal harmony.

In another resolution, the Jamiat’s stance on numerous political, social, national, and international concerns was explained, and the services provided by Islamic Madrasas were acknowledged. A recent survey of the Madrasas in some provinces was also discussed. It stated that the managers and administrators did not need to be afraid in order to participate in the survey. It urged the establishment of modern educational institutions with the assistance of religious and educational institutions.

The leaders, academics, and representatives of social organizations have all been forcefully urged to avoid voicing disagreements with one another in any situation and to always work to reach a consensus on significant religious and national matters. Similar to this, it has been requested that Muslim leaders not take part in controversial TV debates that focus on Islam and Muslims.

Concern over some narrow-minded politicians’ minority and anti-constitutional statements were raised in the Majlis-e-Amila resolution. Government authorities, the judiciary, and the public were all urged to take legal action against these individuals. Regarding reckless and aggressive statements, Jamiat advised the electronic and print media to refrain from publishing such statements since they damage the reputation of the country and impede its growth.

In addition, we urge everyone to respect the Dharma Gurus of all religions, denounce all forms of terrorism, resolve the problems of young people imprisoned in jails around the country as soon as possible, and manage unemployment, the recession, and the rise in food prices. In addition, a prohibition on the use of alcohol and other drugs has been demanded.

The resolution expresses concern over the monetary losses brought on by the rain and flooding in many regions of the country and urgently appeals to the victims for their full cooperation and help.

Similar to the previous Amila meeting, the continuous conflict between various nations has been deemed a threat to mankind, and the world community has been urged to mediate a peaceful resolution of the issue and halt Israel’s aggressive behaviour in Palestine.