JIH Education Board Organized a Workshop  on the Curriculum of Madrasas

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JIH Education Board Organized a Workshop on the Curriculum of Madrasas

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Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s ‘Markazi Taleemi Board’ recently conducted a workshop at JIH’s headquarters in New Delhi under ‘Curriculum of Madrasas, stages, and duration.’

Emerging religious scholars and ulema from various states and institutions across the country participated in the unique workshop. All the participants appreciated the initiative of the board.

Addressing the workshop, JIH President Syed Sadatullah Husaini has underlined that it is essential for a scholar to be aware of the new emerging ideas. Those who abandoned acquiring new skills fell behind and backward in the age of ‘life long learning.’ He said, “in this age, scholars and ulema have a great responsibility. Now the whole world is watching you from the local to the international level. The duty to convey the message of Islam to the entire humankind cannot be carried out just by learning the English language. However, it will be possible to perform this task after understanding the views of the addressee, their status, psychology, cultures, behaviors, and ethics. All students have different temperaments, abilities, and talents. Therefore, we must teach and guide everyone according to their abilities, mindsets, and aptitudes.”

The workshop has covered some critical issues and topics, including the revision of the madrasa curricula and the inclusion of modern sciences—preparation of textbooks for Islamic schools and madrasas—technical and skill training of teachers, expansion of Islamic jurisprudence and theology, formats for measuring goals. Enabling students to get a national certificate and religious education, incorporating useful components in the existing curricula, and creating a spirit of discussion and research among students are the main topics deliberated in the workshop.

The noted scholars who participated in the workshop include Maulana Abdul Bar Asri Falahi, Mumbai, Dr. Waris Mazhari Delhi, Maulana Shakib Qasmi Deoband, Maulana Ahmad Ilyas Nomani, Lucknow, Dr. Tariq Ayubi Aligarh, Maulana Umar Abidin Hyderabad, Maulana Muhammad Huzaifa Vastanvi Gujarat, Maulana Mahfooz Falahi, Bhopal and Prof. Ishaq Falahi Delhi.