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JMI Ranked 9th Best for Natural Sciences 

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New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia has been ranked 9th best for Natural Sciences courses in the country. This ranking has been given by Round University Ranking (RUR), a world university ranking, which measures performance of 930 leading world universities by 20 indicators across four key missions: teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability. 
As per RUR, JMI’s has been ranked 10th in the country for the education of technical sciences courses while for education of all courses JMI is at 16th rank in the country.
RUR has kept  JMI at  465th rank in the world for the education of Natural Sciences while for technical sciences JMI’s world ranking is 560. Round University Ranking (RUR) Rankings Agency publishes world university ranking every year and it is based in Moscow, Russia.