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Khudai Khidmatgar Opens Vocational Centre for Women of Mewat

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Khudai Khidmatgar made an important contribution towards women empowerment in the region of Mewat, Haryana, by starting a vocational centre on March 15, 2017. It is important to point out that despite being only 60 km from Gurgaon-the millennium city-Mewat has the lowest literacy rate for women in the state at 33.6%. To address this, Khudai Khidmatgar inaugurated the Bibi Amtussalam Mahila Vocational Center . It was inaugurated by national-level member Tahseen Ahmed and Mewat Khudai Khidmatgar member. Members of the organisation said they hope that this centre, which will be run by local women, will empower women of the region economically and socially.