Legal Aid Initiative Supports Mumbai’s Muslims  Amid CAA and NRC Concerns

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Legal Aid Initiative Supports Mumbai’s Muslims Amid CAA and NRC Concerns

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MUMBAI: In the bustling Nagpada junction of Mumbai, 43-year-old advocate Nadeem Siddiqui aids individuals in verifying their identity documents. Siddiqui’s office serves as a center for free legal advice, assisting individuals, including students seeking scholarships abroad, to rectify document discrepancies.

Heightened concerns arise among Muslims like Mohammad Asif due to recent notifications of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) rules. As anticipation for the National Register of Citizens (NRC) grows, individuals travel from distant places seeking guidance on correcting document errors.

Siddiqui’s initiative, “Mera Document, Meri Pehchaan,” witnesses a surge in demand, attributed to the impending CAA rules. With an increase in visitors, Siddiqui and his team work tirelessly to ensure document alignment with official requirements.

Businessman Ataullah Siddiqui is among those driven by fear of potential CAA and NRC implications, seeking assistance in rectifying document inconsistencies. Legal aid organizations organize awareness camps and documentation drives, stressing the importance of accuracy in documentation.

Salman Qureshi, a legal aid volunteer, highlights challenges posed by variations in personal information across documents, emphasizing the urgency of rectifying discrepancies to safeguard individuals’ identities.

Amid these challenges, legal assistance initiatives become crucial lifelines for Mumbai’s Muslim community, guiding them through the evolving legal landscape. Through resilience and proactive engagement, individuals strive to protect their rights and ensure document accuracy amidst changing governmental regulations.