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Malegaon’s First Incubation Centre Inaugurated

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(Arshad Mukhtar, Dr Atiqur Rahman and others after the inauguration of the centre)

Mansoora (Malegaon): Dr Atiqur Rahman Mohamad, Scientific Officer at Dept. of Nuclear and Atomic Physics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), and Arshad Mukhtar, Chairman Jamia Mohammadiya Education Society (JMES) Sunday jointly inaugurated Malegaon City’s first Incubation and research centre at Maulana Mukhtar Ahmad Nadvi Technical Campus (MMANTC). The newly inaugurated centre will work as a link between the students of Maulana Mukhtar Ahmad Nadvi Technical Campus (MMANTC), and the Industries and Entrepreneurs of Malegaon City.
“With the inauguration of the Incubation and Research Centre today, we have crossed yet another important milestone in the field of education”, Arshad Mukhtar said while addressing the Opening Ceremony organised at Abdullah al-Shaya Auditorium in Mansoora, Malegaon City. “We want our students – whether they are from our Engineering college, Tibbiya College or Shariah College, to study and work with research oriented mindset”, he said. “Today, I want to declare it, loud and clear, and with cent per cent conviction. A closed mentality can’t take us to the path of progress and development. Unless our students master in research, we cannot dream of success and empowerment”, he added.
In his speech on the occasion, Dr Atiqur Rahman Mohamad of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) hailed the Maulana Mukhtar Ahmad Nadvi Technical Campus (MMANTC) Management for opening the Incubation and Research Centre for Engineering students. “The focus of studies in most of our engineering colleges is syllabus and text books. Unlike medical colleges that have hospitals attached, engineering colleges don’t have any means where their students can explore their ideas and convert them in reality”, he said. “The Incubation and Research Centre at Maulana Mukhtar Ahmad Nadvi Technical Campus (MMANTC) will fill this gap and provide the students a platform to explore their ideas and innovate things beneficial for the mankind”, he said.
(Extracted from ummid.com)