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Milky Way Education Summit-2014

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By Shaik Zakeer Hussain

Bangalore: On 8th February, Burooj Realization, a non-profit education research organisation, will hold a first of its kind conference for Muslim educators in India in Chennai. A one-day event, the conference will examine some of the current challenges facing Muslim run schools in the country, and come up with solutions to overcome it. Called the ‘Milky Way Education Summit – 2014’, it will bring together teachers, educators and researchers to consider challenges, exchange ideas and best practices to address school needs through a collaborative approach.
Speaking to TCN, summit convener, Ovais Siraj, says, “A lot of people are doing great work in different areas, but somewhere there is no collaboration, so the whole idea of this conference is to get people all over India to one platform.” According to Siraj, they have reached out to almost 6000 Muslim run schools in India, and over 500 principals and decision makers from these schools will be participating in the summit to be held in Chennai.
The summit will see a range of topics for discussion. These include ‘Bringing FINLAND Home’, which Siraj explains is about the methods implemented in the Nordic country, which has the best education system in the world, then there is ‘STEM: Where has the curiosity gone from Science?’ which is about application based science, among others.
Burooj Realization was started in 2004 by Dawood Vaid, as an Islamic educational research centre, and works in “12 verticals including Teacher’s training, Teenage workshops and Curriculum design.”
‘Milky Way Education Summit- 2014’ will be held on 8th February 2014, between 10 to 6 pm at The New College, Peters Road, Royapettah, Chennai. To register for the conference visit: www.milkywaysummit.com n
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