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Minister Assures English Medium for Urdu Schools

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Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, Karnataka’s Minister for Primary and Higher Education has assured that Urdu medium schools too would be permitted to be turned into English medium schools with Urdu as the first language while implementing the decision to turn Government schools into English medium schools. Mr. Kageri who received a memorandum from the Managing Committee of
Hazrat Hameed Shah Khadri Dargah Committee, asked the School Development Committees (SDMCs) of Government Urdu Medium
Schools to send proposals in this regard to the Ministry. It may be noted that a seminar called by the Committee on July 14th had recommended conversion of Government Urdu medium schools into English medium. The seminar was attended by several educationists and intellectuals. The memorandum was presented to the Minister by a delegation comprising Committee secretary Fayaz Quraishy, trustee Syed Basheer Ahmed and Shams Jahan Hussainy, trustee on August 10.