‘Modern Educational System:  A Critique from an Islamic Perspective’

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‘Modern Educational System: A Critique from an Islamic Perspective’

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Professor (Dr.) Muhammad Mumtaz Ali shares insights with Abdul Bari Masoud for Islamic Voice

Q: First of all, congratulations on receiving this prestigious award for the third time. How do you feel?
A: I am thankful to Allah SWT that my books, written from an Islamic perspective, have been recognized with the National Award. This indicates that experts appreciate academic books from an Islamic viewpoint. The Islamic perspective offers a people-oriented outlook for guidance and well-being. Readers and scholars seek academic books from an Islamic perspective as it reveals the truth about life and society. Islam discusses humanity and society, intending to enhance life and society based on virtues and noble values.

Q: What does Islamization mean?
A: Islamization of Knowledge involves presenting modern knowledge in a way that helps people understand their Creator, the purpose of life, and how to improve life and society. It aims for a meaningful life free from crime, crisis, and chaos, ensuring success in this world and the Hereafter. Islamized knowledge emphasizes the reality of the Next World, motivating individuals to lead a virtuous and morally sound life.

Q: What are your observations on modern education systems and subjects? Has it failed to foster good human beings?
A: The prevailing global modern educational system produces skilled workers and professionals but falls short in developing individuals into spiritually and morally elevated human beings. Despite offering numerous courses and programs worldwide, this system does not instil in students the values of obedience to parents. Highly educated graduates often do not resist corruption and crime; in fact, organized criminal syndicates are run by modern-educated individuals. In contrast, the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) in Kuala Lumpur serves as a model for an integrated and holistic education system. IIUM focuses on developing the spiritual dimension of life, emphasizing that humans are created by a Powerful Creator (Allah SWT) and are accountable to Him on Judgment Day. The education at IIUM strengthens the moral fabric of life, instilling a noble purpose. IIUM students find meaning in life and work toward bettering society based on propagating virtues and prohibiting vices.

Q: You have authored several books in English. Are there plans to translate them into Urdu and other languages?
A: My books have not been translated into Urdu yet, but there is a need for it. I am also considering translations into other languages, particularly Arabic and Turkish.