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Islami Baitulmal Vaniyambadi – Interest-free Loan worth Rs. 1.36 cr. Disbursed

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Vaniyambadi: The Islami Baitulmal here extended interest-free loans to 2,041 persons to the tune of Rs. 1.36 crore during 2015-16. Around 70 small traders were helped with easy payback term loans to the tune of Rs. 19 lakh during the same period. The Baitulmal assisted 139 college students in various disciplines with scholarships worth Rs. 7.10 lakh and helped in marriage of 98 couples. Another Rs. 50,000 of medical assistance to 41 persons. The Baitulmal is running a clinic at Rahmath Nagar on Alangayam road for the last four years, which treats around 40 persons as outpatients every day and incurs an expenditure of Rs. 5 lakh annually. The organisation has completed 44 years of service this year. For more information contact: Secretary, T. M. Abdur Rawoof Khalid, Islami Baitulmal, 915-Haji Street, Vaniyambadi-635751, Ph: 04174-225481.