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Muslim Group Supports Move to Control Loudspeaker Noise

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Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy (IMSD) supported the Allahabad High Court-prompted move by the Uttar Pradesh government to control noise pollution in the state. IMSD believes the use of loudspeakers in religious places and elsewhere during religious occasions is not an issue of faith. Often it is simply a matter of competitive religiosity between and within religions. IMSD supported the UP government’s directions to the district authorities to stop unauthorized use of loudspeakers and public address systems, and to regulate the decibel level while granting permission. IMSD applauded the Muslims from Mallapuram (Kerala) who recently, proactively decided to curb noise pollution. A group of 17 mosques from the Vazhakkad locality came to an agreement whereby only the biggest mosque in the area, Valiya Juma Masjid, would use loudspeakers to give out the call to prayer five times a day. The other 16 mosques, it was agreed, would say the azaan without loudspeakers.