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NRC Violates Citizenship Act, Says NALSAR University Vice-Chancellor Faizan Mustafa

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Faizan Mustafa, the Vice-Chancellor of the NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad, in an interview with The Wire has argued that India’s concept of citizenship has been restricted and undermined. Mustafa also claimed that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam violated the Citizenship Act, 1955. “The NRC is a clear violation of Section 3 of the Citizenship Act. I am clear about it,” he said.
Citing legal problems, Mustafa asserted that the final NRC list for Assam published on August 31 was unconstitutional.
Mustafa also compared the Foreigners Tribunals to “Kangaroo courts”, claiming that they were not independent of the government.
He pointed out that their members served at the government’s pleasure and those tribunal members who did not declare enough people as foreigners are often dispensed with. He called the Foreigners Tribunals “citizenship exclusion entities”.
(Extracted from http:// www.newindianexpress.com)