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Our Fundamental Duties as Citizens of the Country

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Most of us are aware of at least some of our fundamental rights, but how many of us know that there’s also something as our fundamental duties as citizens of the country? Scores of organizations are engaged in seeking to protect fundamental rights, but how many are there that work to promote awareness about our fundamental duties as citizens? The Indian Constitution has a section on ‘Fundamental Duties’, which mentions our fundamental duties as citizens of the country. Duty-consciousness helps us move from ‘me’ to ‘we’, promoting social unity and harmony. Consciousness of our duties (in addition to our rights) is vital for the harmonious functioning of a society. Duties and rights go together. If we fulfill our duties to others, we are doing our share in upholding their rights. Rights and duties are thus the two sides of the same coin. For every right, there is a corresponding duty. Rights flow only from duties well performed. What is a duty for someone is another person’s right. If everyone performs his/her duty, everybody’s rights would be automatically protected.
(source: shantisalaamshalom.blogspot.com)