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Peaceful Walk by Aliah University Students

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By Mirza Mosaraf Hossain

Kolkata: Taking a cue from ‘Not in My Name’ and various other protests meant to counter the growing communalisation in India, students of Aliah University, Kolkata, also took out a march on July 14 in an attempt to strengthen Hindu-Muslim relationship in the backdrop of the recent Baduria- Basirhat communal tensions. Teachers, students and non-teaching staff participated in this procession urging communal harmony throughout the state. There were more than 250 participants in this peaceful rally including 15-20 teachers and two non-teaching staffs. The local police escorted the rally all the way. Amzed Hossein, the Head of the Department of English, said, “Since our state has already a great tradition of living in peaceful coexistence, this march has great effect and contribution ensuring mutual understanding among different communities and it will help in increasing the inter communal harmony in our state.” Sharmistha Chaterjee Sriwastav, associate professor and one of the conveners of this peaceful march, said, ” Since this is a place of learning, a place of good thought, a place of brotherhood, we are trying to encourage our students to grip the message of love and fraternity by saying that they are first citizens of the country, human beings, and then they are Muslims or Hindus and their resources are made for the positive contribution of the nation”.