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By A Staff Writer

Bengaluru: The Hira Welfare Association here will collaborate with People’s Foundation Kerala to build 500 houses for flood-affected and shelterless people in Kerala. Several other Bengaluru NGOs will join the effort with the Association and the Foundation in rehabilitation of the people who were hit by the flood in the southern state. The Foundation has also taken upon itself to repair another 1,000 houses, creating jobs for around 5000 people and issuance of health cards for 4,000 individuals under the comprehensive ‘Rebuild Kerala and Kodagu’ programme.
The unprecedented rains in the middle of August this year in Kerala and the district of Kodagu (previously Coorg) in Karnataka left nearly 400 people dead. Flooding and landslides destroyed around 10,000 homes. Nearly one-sixth of Kerala’s population (nearly 54 lakh people in absolute numbers) was displaced. While crops were ruined on a vast scale, around 9,000 heads of cattle were also reported dead.
At a meeting held in the city in the last week of September where representatives of several NGOs gathered, Foundation members Lukhman Moideen and Saleem Mohammad explained the relief and rehabilitation programmes chalked out for the state.
Delegates of ‘People’s Foundation Kerala’ proposed to build 500 houses for the rehabilitation of the flood victims of Kerala. This was announced in a convention of NGOs, social activists and philanthropists organised by Hira Welfare Association who played a pivotal role in spearheading the flood relief works in Kerala which organised this meet in Bangalore. 
Ideal Relief Wing (IRW) general secretary Basheer Sherqi told the gathering that it mobilized nearly 40,000 volunteers during the deluge and cleaned up 7,912 houses and 1,905 wells. They distributed food, clothing and drinking water among around a lakh of people. Delegates of about 40 organisations, including Project Smile, First Hand, United Foundation, Lead Trust, DIET, Palm Charitable Trust, Life Line, Millath Trust, Healing Touch, MMA, KMCC, MSS, SYS, and Iqra Welfare Trust participated in the Bengaluru conclave.  Mr. Hassan Koya, President, Hira Welfare Association, Architect Shameer, and Dr. Taha Mateen spoke on the occasion. Representatives of each organisation extended their willingness to contribute towards the housing project.