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Performance of Muslim Schools in SSLC 2016 – Quality Education is the Need of the Hour

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By Maqbool Ahmed Siraj

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Bengaluru: Bengaluru happens to be the largest hub of modern educational institutions run by Muslims. The community currently runs around 300 English medium high schools in and around the city. Urdu is though taught in some schools, the community has not insisted on it being taught in privately owned schools. In fact all the Urdu medium schools are run by the Government alone. Of late, great momentum has been seen in matters of setting up English medium schools in the City as well as Karnataka. It is precisely this initiative that has resulted in Muslim representation increasing in the private job sector in the city.
The community has set up high schools under various boards and councils i.e. State Board, CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE. The quality of some of the high-end schools is quite remarkable inasmuch as some of them even have even 80% of non-Muslim students on their rolls. Our survey of performance in SSLC examination this year leaves out many of such schools as they, while being run by Muslims, are not serving the community. They are being run for profit, even though, the stated objective remains social service rather than profit.
Bengaluru expanded enormously during the last 25 years, its population having soared from four million to well around 10 million now. The city is today major hub of technically qualified youth who hail from every single destination within the country. Great many schools have come up in every conceivable place in the city. Pining for English medium education has led to the emergence of a new class of educational entrepreneurs. Muslims were not behind in envisioning the business prospects. Muslim-run schools have mushroomed all over the city.

Children are poorly trained
But two trends are distinctly observable. First, though most of the schools set up by the community produce English literates, quality education is a far cry. Children are poorly trained in matters of linguistic skills. A degree-holder can barely speak cogently on a given topic for two minutes. Scoring high marks is the objective rather than acquiring sound knowledge of affairs of administration and governance, skill of articulation, and they hardly contribute to enhancement of Muslim representation in the Government and public sector.
The community also betrays a herd mindset with youth rushing for careers in technology and marketing to the exclusion of all other sectors. Fields like Literature, Journalism, Film, Fine arts, Agriculture (and allied fields such as Veterinary, Horticulture, Fisheries, Dairy and Poultry Science) remain barren of Muslims. Hardly anyone heads for courses in History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Chartered Accountancy, Architecture etc.

Influence instead of a
salaried job
This situation has come about due to survival mode of education that the community looks for. Youth are impatient for a job and independence that comes along. They have no stomach for a longer struggle and for throwing roots in the soil which could endow the community with influence instead of a salaried job.
This sad state of affairs should wake us up. Communities gain influence and power when they have people with knowledge of public affairs. Science rather than technology needs to be studied by youth who have desire to contribute to the society more substantially. Similarly, more than marketing or accounting techniques, the need of the hour is to acquire knowledge of Finance and Economics. Engineering rather than technology should be taken up by inquisitive minds. Only people trained in basic sciences rather than their applied forms, can throw up worthy intellectuals. It is all right for a commoner to hanker for a job. But if the communities wish to assert, they need to nurture people of extraordinary excellence who can provide leadership in a variety of fields of life. Sadly, no thought is being spared in this direction.
It is also observable that schools run by older and more known Muslim organizations such Central Muslims Association of Karnataka, Muslim Orphanage, Al-Ameen, Quwathul Islam etc do not fare well in comparison to the schools run by families, trust and societies. Something must be done to restore their relevance to the community. It is widely acknowledged that private schools by individuals are less accountable to general public while institutions run by CMA etc are accountable to the general public. They cannot initiate harsher measures while private schools have efficiency built into their system. In most cases, there was reluctance in sharing information with regard to SSLC performance. In several cases, information provided was incomplete and sketchy. The data is presented below:
The data collected from nearly 80 schools is being presented for your consideration.
Karnataka SSLC Exam 2016 Results
Performance of Muslim Managed High Schools

Name of the School Total Pass % Disti. I C II Cl appeared
Bengaluru and environs
Al-Ameen High Sch, Hosur Rd. 66 90 06 NA NA
(Uzma Tarannum from Al-Ameen School scored 93%)
Al-Mubarak H Schl, J.C.Nagar NA 96 07 11 04
Almas Ed Sty High Schl, Mys. Rd 12 66% (09 passed the exam)
Al-Ameen Kambalposh
Kannada High School 18 60 04 NA NA
Alpha High Schl, Nagawara 34 100 03 31 nil
Ahyaul Uloom H Schl, P Guttahalli 22 77 00 12 NA
Al-Azhar H Scl, Padrayanpura 15 84 01 NA NA
Ammar High Schl, D. J. Halli 105 97 03 31 NA
Bangalore Pblc Schl, Kottigere 15 80 02 04 06
BET Sufia Girls High School,
Bismillahnagar 68 73 05 NA NA
(Syeda Mohammedia from BET scored 90%)
BET Sufia High School, Bidadi 11 09 passed the exam.
Blossom Public H S Padrayanapur 48 90 02 29 09
Bibi Fathima Girls HS, Ilyasagar 23 60 06 04 04
CMA Girls High Sch, City Mkt. 118 45 15
CMA Boys High School, 111 61 14
CMA Mahmud Sharif HS Y.pur 30 53 01 NA NA
Crescent HS, Basavanagudi. 60 83 10 NA NA
Daniyal High Schl, Govindpur 34 100 03 31
Everest P S, Chamundinagar 30 80 00 04 05
Excellent HS, Bismillahnagar 54 62 01 23 08
(Azmathulla scored distinction with 93%)
Hilal High Schl, K. R. Puram 47 53 01 06 11
Excellent H S, Bismillahnagar, 54 62 01 26 08
Good Hope HS, Chinnappa Garden 59 87 12 39 10
Grace Intl Schl, Kavalbyrasandra 22 100 02 15 05
Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan HS, 26 75 02 07 01
Iqra High School, R. T. Nagar 47 90 02 24 14
(Umme Hani and Tehreen Fathima 85% each)
Jamia Muhammadiya Mansura HS 26 92 01 11 NA
Jame-ul Uloom Residential
School, Banikuppe, 45 96 05 15 20
Jame-ul Uloom High School,
K. R. Market, NA 96 05 NA NA
(Sadath Fathima from Jameul Uloom scored 93%, Saleha 92%)
Lillyrose HS, Bismillahnagar 368 95 50 158 148
M. M. Eng School, Electronics City 62 98 09 40 20
Madani Public School, Coles Park 22 80 00 12 07
Manahill HS, Pillanna Garden 80 98 00 43
Muslim Orphanage Girls H School, 38 33 13 NA NA
Naasih Public School, Frazer Tn 07 100 03 04
(This was first batch for SSLC from Naasih School)
New Noble English HS, K. G. Halli 62 100 10 45 07
(Risha Zainab scored 97% marks from New Noble School)
New Generation School,
Basavanagudi 51 98 06 25 NA
Presidency HS Chikkaballapur, NA (All appearing students passed.)
SDM High School, Yashwanthpur 21 100 02 07 NA
Silicon City Public Sl, Indiranagar 33 80 08 07 05
Subhash Memorial HS, D. J. Halli 74 94 04 52 09
(Subhash Memorial group has four high schools)
Salamath Kannada School,
Chamundi Nagar 28 93 00 22 04
Stanford High School,
Shampur Rd. K. G. Halli 12 100 00 12
St. Javeria Eng HS, S.R.K.Nagar 43 100 19 23 01
(Syeda Farheen scored 98%)
St. Mira’s School, Cambridge Lout 116 85 10 25 NA
St. Fatima’s Girls HS, HBR Layout 16 87 00 09 05
Tarbiyatul Banat High School,
Rashadnagar 46 100 (All 46 passed the exam)
Tawakkal Mastan Dargah HMT Scl 21 61 02 07
The Kenmore School,
Basavanagudi 42 76 10 15 07
Wisdom Public Sl, Richmond Tn 129 91 21 72 15
Wisdom Public School, Frazer Tn 28 98 03 18 05
Tawakkal Intl School, HBR Road 28 98 04 17 07
Willington Eng Schl, Chamrajpet 50 80 04 29 06

Other Towns & Cities
Muslim Welfare Assn school, (Shoaib Baig scored 94%)
Chinthamani 42 95 09 29 02
Ambaji New Modern School,
Upparpet, Chinthamani 14 85 01 07 02
Anglo Urdu H S, Koulpet, Hubballi 539 84 35 NA NA
Anjuman Urdu HS, Hubballi 190 87 13 88 68
Reshmi Urdu HS, Hubballi 31 100 00 05 20
Reshmi Kannada HS, Hubbali, 16 75 12 03 06
G. M. Memorial High School, Hassan 48 92 09 31 04
(Ridah Fathima and Ayesha Afreen 94% and
Mehek Tasneem 91% marks)
Zainubiya Girls H S, Alipur, 44 100 25 19
SECAB Chandbibi HS, Vijaypura 132 94 49 55 19
(Alfiya from SECAB scored 96% marks)
Modern English H School, Kolar 14 100 04 10
Millat High School, Kolar 40 70%
Madrasa Niswan High School,
Thimmaiah Rd. 49 71 04 NA NA