Quraish Community in Karnataka Launches App

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Quraish Community in Karnataka Launches App

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Bangalore: “The Quraish community is doing everything in its power to address its issues. We won’t be successful unless the community stands united. We must be united to meet our demands from the administration and government”. These views were made by Qasim Shoaib-ur-Rehman, president of the All India Jamiatul- Quraish of Karnataka. He was speaking at the Jamiatul Quraish conference held at Dev Raj Urs Bhawan on January 13. Jamiatul- Quraish, according to him, is for the entire Quraish community and the organization is in charge of resolving their issues. An App called All India Jamiatul Quraish has been developed with this goal in mind for the first time in Karnataka. This app is for the entire state and through this App we will connect all the community members and thus the census of the Quraishi community will also be done.

He said that the Quraish community is less educated, they are unaware of global events, and they spend their days working hard before going to bed. We are unable to benefit from things like a scholarship, an Aadhaar card, an elderly pension, reservations, etc.

Qasim gave a report on the previous year, noting how many issues came up, how many were resolved, and how many politicians and authorities we spoke with to address the problems.

He claimed that transporting meat and animals has also turned into a challenge, one that we are working to resolve.

The conference was also addressed by Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad, Janata Dal(S) state president C M Ibrahim, State wakf Board chairman Maulana Shafe Saadi, Prof Ravi Verma JD(S) Vice President Syed Shafiullah and they also launched the App.