Set Up a Nationwide Network of Schools  to Preserve the Identity:  Maulana Rahmani

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Set Up a Nationwide Network of Schools to Preserve the Identity: Maulana Rahmani

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Bangalore: Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, General Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, advised the Muslim community not to be demoralized by the circumstances that were being created for them in the country. Instead, maintain your resolve with patience and perseverance.

Maulana Rahmani spoke at the Dastarbandi Jalsa of Jamia Nadwatul Abrar held on February 19 in the city. He stated that over the past few years, the radical Hindutva forces in the country had started a deliberate campaign against Muslims. These anti-social forces purposefully assault the Quran, Islam, and the honour of the Prophet in an effort to upset Muslims so that they may retaliate. We must comprehend the strategy used by these forces because if Muslims react to these incendiary words, they will be apprehended by the police in huge numbers, placing the entire community in a precarious position.

Maulana Rahmani added that unlike the Hindu society, which has assimilated all peoples including Jains, Sikhs, and other peoples into its fold, the Muslim community has staunchly maintained its faith and culture. Hindutva forces are unable to handle the Muslim community’s tenacity, which is why they are attacking Muslims’ identities in many ways. He criticized the BJP-led government’s new national education policy, saying that if it is allowed to remain in place, Muslims may find it impossible to maintain their religious identity after the next 20 years. He urged them to be vigilant about preserving their identity and that of future generations.

He said that mob lynching is not a new issue for Muslims by making reference to previous occurrences. Through their tenacity and bravery, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) defended Islam, and Muslims are now required to do so in light of their present-day hardships. According to him, 94 percent of students who attend school are turning away from Islam due to the influence of Western culture and civilization, compared to 3 or 4% of youngsters who study in religious madrasahs.

Parents and guardians should be concerned about this and try to introduce Islam to these kids. He argued that morality and religion should be taught in schools as a must. For this, the community should set up a nationwide network of schools where Islamic and contemporary disciplines are taught side by side. He claimed that Indian Muslims are currently in a precarious situation similar to the one they were in before the 1857 uprising and that it requires wisdom and an open mind to overcome.