South African Riots: Muslims Selfless  Generosity and Kindness Being Applauded

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South African Riots: Muslims Selfless Generosity and Kindness Being Applauded

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Love to You Muslim dudes!
Preston Sewpersadh, Overport
I am going to make a bold statement. But donot hate me… Being a Christian, I take my hat off to the Muslim community for your selflessness in assisting us in handing out bread..milk.. oil, etc.. You have definitely restored humanity in me; May Allah bless you abundantly for your kindness towards the community. Believe me, it did not go unnoticed.
Terri Hampson
I was brought to my knees yesterday.
The Mosque in Scottburg sent out word that they had bread. I had none for my children. I quickly raced into town and was offered a loaf of bread. I asked to pay and was told, most graciously, that no payment was needed. I started to sob; I have never experienced such kindness and generosity ever. I cried for the rest of the day. Thank you is not enough; I will never forget this day. May every person involved be blessed. Faith and generosity were displayed not by hollow words but in action.
Gaelyn Ckokayne
The Muslim community in Durban and the rest of South Africa has been absolutely incredible. There is always so much negativity around Muslim people; I want it to be known that they have stepped up in the biggest way! By distributing free bread and milk to anyone in need. Thank You.
Muslim principalities have always been that of giving and positivity, as far as I know. I have been fortunate enough to witness them distributing sandwiches and tea in the morning daily here in Durban CBD. Honestly, I have the highest respect for that religion.
Naseeha Bux
This is the real Islam; it’s not what the media portrays us to be. We give with no expectations, just for the pleasure of our Creator and commands of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Does anyone remember the Roodeport tornado of November 1948? When people’s homes were destroyed, the Indian traders and shopkeepers, who “stepped up,” freely provided blankets and food to those who had lost everything.
Karen Green
I am a Christian, but these particular people are amazing. I want to applaud the Muslim men in our community and the ‘GIFT OF GIVERS’ you are awesome. May God bless you. Thank you somuch for your generosity not only to you people but to everyone in our nation.
As a Christian, I have often been inspired into action by the generosity of Muslim people.
Tiffany Barbuzane
We live ina predominantly Muslim area, and I have never felt more safe, secure, or looked after by my community. I have also never seen such compassion or willingness to help with even the most minor things.
Sharon Scott
Thank you to Muslim communities everywhere! Your acts of kindness and caring have been incredible. We feel safer with you around.
Brassin Govender
Love in action, Love to the “Muslim Brotherhood” I am humbled
Phillippa Savage
The Muslim community has been nothing but astounding through this all. I am so grateful for everything you are doing.
Minki Matthews
Amazing, thank you for your brave effort from a Christian to a Muslim, regardless of race, religion we are all in this together to fight evil.
Sumba Abrahams
Service to humanity is a blessing from God. Well done, our kind Muslim brothers.
Vishan Moodley
I stood on Musgrave Road from 11 am to 5.30 pm for a loaf of bread at the country bakery a group of Musli men just stooped their truck and started giving out clove milk for free. Ever so grateful. Many Blessings.
Bev Engelbrecht
Unbelievable people. I cannot believe how much these people do for others—such caring human beings.