Tales of Communal Harmony: Muslim Man  Saves A Hindu Girl from Sure Death

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Tales of Communal Harmony: Muslim Man Saves A Hindu Girl from Sure Death

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A Muslim man Tipu Sultan saved the life of a Hindu girl Monali Kaushal, from sure death, even without knowing her religion, in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh on January 1, 2023. Monali Kaushal had reportedly tried to attempt to commit suicide by jumping into the River Shipra apparently due to being ditched by her Hindu lover.

Tipu Sultan, who was among the people who watched Monali Kaushal jumping into the river in an attempted suicide bid, relied on quick thinking and did a brave act to save Monali’s life.

Tipu asked a passing truck for a rope, and one trucker, Vinod Solanki, provided the same. Tipu tied one end of the rope with the truck and used the rope to lower himself into the river.

After touching the water he had to swim a bit holding the rope in his teeth to reach Monali, who was still alive. Tipu grabbed Monali in his arms in a bid to rescue the victim with hundreds of people watching his daredevil act.

Tipu then shouted to the truck driver to move the vehicle so that both were pulled out from the river and brought to safety on the road.

The locals who gathered there helped the duo to come to a safe position. They first provided first aid to Monali by making her vomit the water she slowed and then rushed to the nearby hospital, where her condition is said to be stable.

The residents of Dewas feted Tipu Sultan as a hero. They first garlanded him and lifted him on their shoulders and took him out in procession. His action was rightly celebrated as an example of where humanity triumphed over the religious divide.

In times of religious polarization, this incident highlights the ability of people of different faiths to come together to manage a crisis situation.

This incident also sparks off a conversation about the need for individuals to listen to the call of consciousness and condemn the campaigns of Hindus to get united against Muslims.

This incident also showcases a living reality of how humanity comes first at the time of crisis and not religion. The incident also gives the message that each Indian should hold the thread of hope that interfaith communal harmony is the only way to peace of co-existence in the country.

This incident also shows how Indians continue to reject hateful and divisive agendas and reinforces the idea that only through collective will; we can uphold and defend our unique pluralism, and our diverse culture and still be united. In the end, the love of humanity is the sum and summary of this incident. (Source: https://theindianawaaz.com/tales-of-communal-harmony-muslim-man-saves-hindu-girl-from-sure-death/)