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Talimi Mela in Jalgaon

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Jalgaon (Maharashtra): Representatives from various Muslim organisations recently gathered for an education awareness drive led by Muslim Khatik Welfare Association of Mehrun, Jalgaon. Muslim Khatiks are scattered in some areas of Gujarat and Maharashtra and earn their living chiefly working as butchers. The message from the Talimi Qafila was to ask Muslim Khatiks to educate their children first. Apart from the organisers and participants, Jalgaon Mayor, Nitin Bhai Laddha, was present at the event. The Mayor endorsed the motive of the drive and said, “Life isn’t complete without education. Education helps the humanity to survive.” Mufti Haroon Nadvi, one of the organizers of the event took Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as an example. He added, “We do not need to spend a fortune on marriages. Instead we should spend as much as possible on education. Ijtema marriages are helping people to save millions of rupees, follow that to save money.”
(Extracted from twocircles.net)