Urdu Medium Student Saima Cracks Maharashtra  Judicial Magistrate First Class Exam

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Urdu Medium Student Saima Cracks Maharashtra Judicial Magistrate First Class Exam

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Nanded (Maharashtra): Every challenging endeavour becomes simple if a person has a strong will, dedication, work ethic, and enthusiasm for progress. This was demonstrated by Nanded resident Saima Nikhat, who passed the Judicial Magistrate First Class Exam on her first attempt. Four Muslim candidates recently passed the exam administered by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission.

Saima Nikhat also disproved the idea that receiving an education in Urdu medium leaves no one behind. She was given the position of Judge today. Four Muslim candidates, two boys, and two girls, were found to have passed the exam, according to the results that were made public.

Saima Nikhat is the only Muslim woman from Marathwada who will be appointed as a judge. She is the daughter of Sheikh Abdul Sattar who is serving as a bailiff in Beloli Sessions Court, Nanded. Sattar has four daughters and one son. Despite his menial job, Sheikh Abdul Sattar gave his children high education. The elder daughter did her D.Ed; Saima is the third girl who got her law degree. The fourth girl is also studying law.

Saima’s father mentioned that she was highly brilliant and excellent in school even as a little girl. Saima matriculated from Nanded’s Yusufiya High School in the Urdu medium. She received 85% on her matriculation exams, after which she enrolled at Government Polytechnic with a diploma in medical electronics. She then finished her education and, with 83% of the possible points, earned her engineering degree in electronics.

Despite the poor financial conditions of the house, his father continued to educate his children. After graduating with an engineering degree, Saima enrolled at the city’s Narayan Rao Law College; where she went on to get a law degree with a 95% average before completing her post-graduate work, or LLM. She applied for the Judicial Commission Exams in the interim and passed it the first time around. She acted as a role model for others. Her success will undoubtedly serve as an example for others, especially those who receive their education in Urdu.