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How to Strengthen the Present Education System – The Old System of Education was Slow, but more Effective.

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By Dr. Mohammed Farooq Pasha

There is always an argument regarding the old system of education compared to the latest one. Today, we have all the technologies, but less values. Earlier we had more values with less technologies. Let us make an attempt to cross check the different roles played by students, teachers and management. This is only to understand how our present education system has become relevant today.
1 They have become more time oriented than quality.
2. They are syllabus oriented then reality.
3. They are more result oriented then knowledge
4 Class room is full of students, but lack of interest.
5. Technology has replaced board writing work.
6. They are not actually teaching, but just transferring information from text books to student notes.
7. Earlier questions were asked for answers. Now answers are told first then, they ask questions.
8.“Teaching was considered as a noble profession now as a less paid profession.
9. Teachers were by choice now by chance.
10. Teachers were role models now, nothing of that sort happens.

1. They used to prepare for classes and go, now no such habits
2 They used to write more, now writing is less.
3. Students used to listen more and ask more questions.
4. Now students bring gadgets such as mobile, palm top, i-pod
5. Carry junk food than home food
6. Always in a hurry to go and come back.
7. More addiction to TV and cartoon channels or serials
8. They sleep less, play less, but talk on phone more.
9. They want to spend time alone with gadgets, no socializing or family time.
10 Students used to visit library and read more, now that has disappeared.
11. They want only more marks, but don’t want to study or understand Students don’t have patience, they want everything instantly.
12. Respect towards parents and teachers has decreased, but they love their film actors more.
13. They are more dependent on tuitions more than class rooms.
14. They select schools where facilities are more, not the quality of education.

1 They have become service to business houses.
2. Unlimited number of students in private colleges with more fees.
3. Government colleges have no facilities as required.
4. They want to produce literates, not educated persons.
5. No liberty for the teachers.
6 No importance to cultural and co-curricular activities
7. They want everyone to work mechanically
8. They are working without proper infrastructure or play grounds
9 With success in number, we are not able to sustain the quality.
The old system of education was slow, but more effective. The time has come to analyse this and take steps to be more effective and create a relevant education system today.
(The writer is Asst. Professor and Student Counselor at Govt. First Grade College, Kengeri, Bangalore and can be reached at [email protected])