Can a non-Muslim be Forcibly Converted to become Muslim in Islam?

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Although Tawheed may be uttered with force, it is not possible to observe it from the heart.

According to the principle stated in the Holy Qur’an in Surah 16 Verse106. If a Muslim is forced to utter words of disbelief while his heart is satisfied with Islam, he does not become a disbeliever. Similarly, if a non-Muslim is forced to utter the words of Islam, while he does not sincerely believe in the principles of Islam by heart, he will not become a Muslim.
But it is surprising to read few articles written by even educated people in this age on this topic, which gives the impression that they are not aware of the conditions of the world and they are not aware of even a, b, c of Islam either.
Instead, it would be correct to say that Islam did not give a Muslim the mindset to force non-Muslims to become Muslims.
I don’t know Maulana Jahangir Sahib, but I know Omar Gautam Sahib. He is a very noble and educated man. He has accepted Islam by understanding and reading Islamic teachings.It is not expected from him even by one percent that he will do such a useless thing, which will not have any significant result.
However, if a person who has become a Muslim comes to fill the conversion paperwork according to Indian law, he would have helped him since he had gone through this stage. Also, at that time, there was no strictness in this matter.
At this point, I think it is appropriate to explain the basic teachings of Islam that are for non-Muslims living in an Islamic country,
The authentic teaching of Islam, as it is commonly known, is the one that has been taught by the Messenger (pbuh) and the Quran
Thus, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says the following about non-Muslims who live in an Islamic country:
1. If an enemy attacks them in an Islamic government, then the Islamic government will fight from the side of non-Muslims.
2. Non-Muslims will not be expelled from their religion in any Islamic country. Words from the blessed tongue of the Messenger of Allah tell us this.
3. The lives of non-Muslims shall be safe in an Islamic country.
4. The wealth of non-Muslims shall also be safe in the Islamic government
5. Their caravan, i.e., trade, shall also remain safe
6. Their land shall also remain safe
7. Everything that was already in their possession shall remain as it is in their custody.
8. Their clergy, “Rehban,” priests “Mahant” shall not be removed from their posts.
9. One-tenth of their agriculture production shall not be taken.
10. There shall not be genocides by the military.
11. No rights they already had shall be taken away.
12. Those who are not present will be included in all these rules.
(Books for reference: See “Fatuh al-Baldan” by Bala Zari and “Kitab al-Kharaj” by Imam Abu Yusuf- )
When these Islamic teachings given by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are in an Islamic country, how can a non-Muslim be forcibly converted to Islam in a non-Islamic country? And how can he become a Muslim without accepting it from the heart?
That is why one of the wills made by Hazrat Umar (ra), the second caliph of the Messenger of Allah, near his death was that “The non-Muslim people who live in our Country are under the responsibility of Allah (God) and the Prophet. Muslims should fight with their enemies on their behalf (Books for reference: See “Fatuh al-Baldan”).
I am presenting all these facts because the accusation against an educated man like Omar Gautam is untrue slander and has no reality.
We have the experience that the Muslims who get caught are portrayed as rebels of the Country.They are highlighted as the masterminds of the rebellion against the Country. In such cases, attempts are made to defame Islam, and out of ignorance, it is falsely portrayed as the religion of terrorism. All Muslims are being branded as a terrorist.
So, I want to share the instructions that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), has given regarding the non-Muslims who live in the Islamic Country. From this, you can judge the reality of the propaganda against Islam and the accusations leveled against educated Muslims in today’s situation of India. It is to know that the lives of a few Muslim youths can be ruined, but no valuable service to the Country or humanity can be done by this way, whereas today, the world needs these valuable services.

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