“Freedom” of Women or “Freedom” for Men to Enjoy them?


“Freedom” of Women or “Freedom” for Men to Enjoy them?

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The rise of the Taliban has handed another opportunity to the anti-Islam world and media to raise doubts about the “Freedom of Women” in an Islamic government. I want to limit myself to what they mean and want from the “Freedom” they talk of.

I often feel amused at the innocence with which the most ruthless players of the current world present the issue of ‘Freedom of Women.’ The truth is that when they talk of women’s freedom, it is the freedom of men they are seeking liberty of men to enjoy the beauty of the female body, use them, exploit them, and avail their all kinds of services, including those for the marketing. When women are made to shed their clothes, it is men who enjoy it. When they are given the liberty to indulge in whatever they want, men get the opportunity to play with them. The man-dominated market knows it too well that the most profitable human sentiment to market is the physical attraction between the two genders. They have exploited this attraction to the hilt earning trillions of dollars in the process. So, all the services of women are now available in the market. The rising proximity between them reaps enormous benefits for all kinds of markets, from garments to cosmetics, from hotelling to tourism, and from media to entertainment.

Men Enjoy, Women Suffer
If anyone suffers most from this “freedom,” though all suffer in the longer run, it is women themselves and their children. They become pregnant, it is they who must abort their children, and if they are forced by the circumstances to deliver, it is they who must look after them as single parents. While both men and women catch Sex Transmitted Diseases, women are more likely to detect them because of their anatomy. And it is they who must face the brunt of crimes, including rapes and attempted rapes. Due to this freedom, sexually transmitted diseases remain a significant threat even in countries with the most advanced medical care system. Over the last thirty years, more than thirty-eight million people have died of AIDS, and double that number is still fighting death. Still, one million people die of AIDS every year, and of course, the number is much greater in those areas where there is more “freedom” than where there is little. But the media will never highlight these deaths lest the sex market suffer. Women and children are big sufferers. Here is an excerpt from the Abstract of a WHO report. That gives an idea of what “Freedom” brings in terms of gender:

“For HIV/AIDS cases and deaths among adults other than those due to heterosexual transmission, there seems to be an overwhelming excess of males. For AIDS among children, there seems to be a small excess of males over females overall and a small excess of females over males for perinatal transmission. For adult cases due to heterosexual transmission, sex differences vary according to time and place. In the United States, female cases far exceed male cases…”

According to another report from Sub Saharan Africa, “it is estimated that women account for 58% of the people living with HIV (PLWH) in the region. A skewed distribution that has been existing for years, and women on average acquire HIV as much as 5–7 years earlier than their male peers.” If the trend is showing some change in Western countries, especially Europe, it is because of rising homosexuality and more frequent use of IV drugs by males. Where women are involved, they suffer more.

Rapes and Brutal Killing of Children in Wombs
50 to 70 million times every year, women must abort, but nobody talks of this brutality on unborn human beings. Even the sex of the aborted happens to be more females than males, especially in countries like India. Hundreds of thousands of times, women are raped, but nobody ever talks of the real reasons behind this because the reasons are related to big markets, including liquor and sex. And to swell the number of “rapes” in the more “conservative” countries, they have found an “excellent” idea of including complaints by wives of force by husbands as “rapes.” Still, America remains at the top of the total number of rapes every year, and in countries like South Africa, more than a quarter of women have faced rape attempts.

Islamic restrictions on men rather than women
The crime rates are indeed much lower in Muslim countries, especially where the Islamic legal system is in force like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE. Still, Islam is often targeted for being anti-women. They again forget that the so-called restrictions on women in the Islamic system are restrictions on men. They are prevented from enjoying their bodies. If women want more safety anywhere, it is in actual Islamic systems. They face much lesser chances of being raped and kidnapped, becoming mistresses and prostitutes, much much lesser chances of having to abort out of compulsion, even lower chances of becoming single parents. The children, too, are safest there with remarkably lower chances of being aborted, of having to live with a single parent and much lower chances of living with unnatural and gay parents.

Freedom in Method and Freedom in Results
It would be hugely better, safer, and healthier for mankind if the world understands the difference between Freedom in Method and Freedom in Results. What they talk of is the former with a massive negative impact on the latter. If accidents are to be saved, there must be restrictions on trafficking. If “Freedom” is given in traffic, chaos will be the result. It is no surprise that the majority of deaths in accidents occur due to drunken driving. Even in technology, good results require strict methodology. If society must be safe from diseases, crimes, and chaos, there is no other option but to make the laws related to all kinds of behavior strict in letter, spirit, and application.