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Saudi neurologist forms all-female diving group to protect marine life.

Saudi neurosurgeon, Aisha Al-Hajjaj was able to gather and train dozens of female divers under her environmental initiative called “Aisha’s Oceans” to pick up plastic and other rubbish from the bottom of the ocean as well as the beaches on the east coast of Saudi Arabia. Although Hajjaj has studied and practiced neurology, she says her passion always lied in diving and being near the sea. Hajjaj turned her diving hobby into a lifestyle and created a group of volunteer women whom she trained in diving and sought out to better the marine environment in the Gulf. On their last trip, the rubbish and plastic that the women collected were recycled. Hajjaj says her team of volunteers aims to create a difference by removing garbage and saving marine life. This especially means removing fishing nets from the bottom of the ocean where they find several marine life that are stuck in them, she added.