RULA Award for Prof. Rizvi of Jamia

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Muhammad Vali Rahmani
Thabat Khatib

New Delhi: Research Under Literal Access (RULA) Award has been conferred upon Prof. M. Moshahid A. Rizvi, Head, Department of Biosciences and his team of eight research associates team for outstanding research work in the area of ‘Molecular Oncology’. RULA is an International Award given for scientific innovation and betterment excellence. This award has been conferred upon Prof. Rizvi and his team, mainly for the discovery of two novel Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the prompter region of PARK2 gene and its implication in the genesis and progression of colorectal cancer. It is likely to resolve the novel pattern of involvement of many other tumour suppressor genes in cancer generation as well as its progression. Malaysia based RULA international award extends this honour in multiple disciplines including Molecular Oncology in association with the Canada Based United Medical Council (UMC) and US based World Research Council comprising international jury. Prof. Moshahid A Rizvi has been working in the field of Molecular Oncology and Therapeutics for more than 15 years and has guided so far 25 PhD Students with more than 120 international publications in his area of research.