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Aligarh: Dr. Muhammad Hashim Kidwai, former Rajya Sabha MP and AMU faculty member passed away on January 10 at his house. He was 95.
Born in 1921 in Lucknow, Dr. Kidwai completed his studies with a PhD degree in Political Science from Aligarh Muslim University and became a lecturer in AMU in 1948. He was elected a member of the Rajya Sabha in 1984 for a six-year term.
During his stay in Aligarh, Dr. Kidwai served the University in various capacities including Proctor, Provost and President of the AMU Staff Association. He also served as the Keeper of the Duty Society and relentlessly worked for the restoration of the minority character of the University. One of his students was Dr. Hamid Ansari, the current Vice President of India.
Dr. Kidwai was well known for his letters to the editor in national dailies as well as the Urdu newspapers. He was son of Abdul Majeed Daryabadi, brother of note Urdu writer Abdul Majid Daryabadi.
Hashim Kidwai did his MA in political science and Ph.D. from Lucknow University.