Confused Man


Confused Man

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Omran Daqneesh and Aylan Kurdi
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Some people are confused all their lives. They do not know what to do or where to go. Our friends turned out to be the same type. As children they were confused about how they were born and when they grew up, they were more confused about why they were born. They leave no stone unturned to think and describe themselves as the most intelligent, alert, and effective, but even in this effort they remain confused about whether they have succeeded or not.

Confused people are also very lazy. It is a sign of their laziness that if their bus goes on, they will spend years in Rome. Don’t leave. But the wonder is that they never admit themselves to be lazy. The disease of lethargy and confusion is such that even the sick person does not know that he is sick, sick, or maybe not. It is not a small disease, not a big one, thus they remain confused. This is the reason that their whole life is spent in the middle of what to do. Such people do nothing but think a lot. Thinking enters their system because lazy people can’t use their hands, so they use their brains and they don’t need to move, and lazy people suffer from movement, that’s why you need lazy people. Will listen to the talk. They talk big not because they must do something, but because they want to impress you.

A major characteristic of confused people is shooting arrows in the air. Today he will announce a great plan. Another day will come with an even bigger plan. Each plan will seem better to them than the first plan, they also make plans to make their own plans. And this whole game takes place in the brain. In the same bowl, the upheaval continues, the whole process of Shaksht and Rekht continues in the mind of the same 250 grams, there comes a time when they try to peek out of this process, it is found that where They were there yesterday, and they are still there today. They travel less physically and more mentally. Sometimes they go so far in this journey that they get confused as to where they were.

However, one of the qualities of confused people is that they do not harm anyone, nor do they hinder the development of the country or any work of the society, because they are not able to do anything. Whatever he does, he is in a state of thinking and the history of the world is a witness that no one has been harmed by thinking. Such people are not useful for society, if not harmful. They cannot steal because stealing requires decisive power which they lack. Confused people are not even dishonest because the longer they stay confused, the sooner someone else is going to blame them. They can’t even kill you, because as long as the battle between killing and not killing you is going on in their mind, it’s long overdue. That’s why sometimes I think the whole country should be confused because it will at least reduce crime.

Now just think, how good it will be if the Prime Minister of our country is made a confused man. Five years will pass in confusion, then when the time of the election will come, he will give such confusing answers that the questioner will also be confused, and when both the questioner and the answerer will be confused, then the listener will be confused. In this way, an entire country can be protected from crime. That’s why I also think that if you’re reading this and you’re getting confused, that’s a good thing because I’ve gotten confused myself trying to confuse you. So always remember that there is some goodness hidden in something in the world, it is a different thing that we don’t always see that goodness.