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Naf’l Prayers after Vit’r

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I have the following questions:
1- Can we offer Naf’l (optional) prayers after we have prayed even Vit’r prayers of Namaz-i-Isha? If so, in what way it can be done?
2- Suppose an individual joins the ba-jamaat (congregational prayer) after three rakaats of a farz namaz in which he has to pray four rakaats, how will he complete his prayers. I hope to see the answers in the next issue of your monthly.
Mohammad Maqbool
Village Lalgund, Budgam Dstrict, Jammu and Kashmir

Islamic Voice replies:
Dear Maqbool
These are very simple issues of namaz which you can place before the imam of a local mosque or any ulema (religious scholars) available in your vicinity. They will guide you satisfactorily. We normally do not take up such question as they might pertain to varied practices in various regions and we cannot guess which kind of juristic school one follows.
However, let it be known that Vit’r prayers, as a general rule, should be the final prayers of the day. It is better to offer naf’l (optional) prayers before them. In case you were not able to do this, do it after Vit’r. After all what you are doing is to please God, He will understand your compulsion in doing this and will accept them.
As for your second question, suppose you joined the third rakaat of the Zohar prayer and stood up after Imam has finished the prayer. Now you have to add three rakaat on your own. You will sit after the sajada on finishing second rakaat on your own and read at-tahyat and finish the remaining two prayers in usual fashion.