Mubin Mallick :The Robot-Man

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Mubin Mallick :The Robot-Man

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His fascination for ‘Robots’ since childhood has finally turned him into an innovator and a global leader in robotic solutions. Indeed, 39 year old Mubin has come a long way to earn the nickname of `Robot-Man.’ A native of Kolkata, he holds an MBA degree from Cardiff University, United Kingdom.
He has won many accolades for his innovation in Robotics. Viz. Agata Lo Tauro Special International Award 2020, a certificate for being the Mentor for ROBOCON 2020, Global Indian Award 2020, and awards from few other renowned organizations for the most innovative start-up.
Mubin ventured into digital solutions and robotics solutions with his IT. service company `Kiran Smart ‘based in Kuwait. His innovative mind led him to establish a robotic company called Mi-Robots to cater to the market’s needs creatively. The cradle for his innovation comes from very munificent thoughts of creating job opportunities and donating the profits. For this reason, Mubin doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make his firm a global leading light.
“Our company Kiran Smart is into I.T. Solutions and Services for the past 15 years. We have been looking for diversification in our business portfolio. We did diversification into Digital Transformation, and then recently, we launched and started Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Our market research on Humanoid Service Robots indicated a considerable demand for Robots,” he said.
The pandemic, however, came as a blessing in disguise for Mubin and his company. “One of our delivery Robots serving food in China in 2019 December to COVID 19 quarantine centre became breaking news around the world. This news around the world helped us gained the trust of the people,” he said.
It was in 2017 that he came across a humanoid robot. His visit to GITEX Technology Exhibition in Dubai finally set the ball rolling towards understanding the working of robots and offering solutions related to them.
“To be very honest, there were many challenges which cannot be listed here. The major aspect was the financial crunch. Firstly, it is very crucial to survive in the local market. Secondly, we need smart and loyal team members who can run the company,” he said.
Over the years, Mubin learned both professional and personal lives play a considerable role in making an achiever or a failure. According to him, success in personal lives has a direct and positive impact on professional lives.
“To overcome these challenges, we adopted different strategies like inviting investors locally and globally. Apart from in-house human resources, we tied up with international firms to induct more innovative people to work with us remotely. Finally, our satisfied customers are our revenue. We do the regular follow-ups and technology updates with our customers so that we can fulfill their needs as per their growing needs,” he said.
Mubin is dealing with different kinds of Robots. These include Delivery Robots for restaurants and hotels, Educational Robots for Schools, hospitality Robots for hotels, UVC Disinfection Robots for all, Spray Dry Mist Disinfection Robot, Humidifier Robots for Home and Office, and Robots for children.
“Robots have played a major role during the pandemic as they helped people tremendously. For example, Disinfection robots are used to disinfect the places, and those robots are UVC Lights Robots and Dry Mist Spray Robots. Many robots are used to check the temperature of people. Robots are used in hospitals to carry hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves in hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and many places,” he said.
Even corporates are using to communicate with their remote employees so that managers and team leaders can stay focused on live meetings. “Many universities across the globe have launched courses for Robotics and Machine Learning. There is data supporting the popularity of Robot installation in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, home delivery, and schools,” he said.
Headquartered in Kuwait, Mubin’s Robots are going places. From all GCC to Africa, UK, Canada, Mexico, and few European countries, Mubin is trying to introduce technology for making the common man’s life easy by striving to fulfill his mission called “Robots for every home.” Under this mission, his company will try to make robots available at affordable prices.
Based on his experience while dealing with different countries, he said,”It is really difficult to define the demand or maximum interest shown by any specific country in this future technology because most countries are working on all the innovative technologies to lead the world. So, in my opinion, I see South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and UAE from the Middle East. The global market for robots is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 26 percent to reach just under 210 billion U.S. dollars by 2025,” he said.
He concludes with an inspiring quote for today’s youth, “Don’t give up even if you fail. Failure teaches you a lesson and makes you stronger. Accept the reality, believe in yourself, and try again! Caring for humanity and seeing a smile on people’s faces keeps us motivated in life. People should be thankful to God, respectful to their parents, and be humble,” he said.
(Mubin”s contact: [email protected])