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Al-Quran Mission, launched by New Delhi-based Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, one of India’s best-known contemporary Islamic scholars, has been involved in setting-up Quran Distribution Centres around the world. The objective is to present the Quran to people so that they may understand Islam directly from its source and in a language that they can follow. The English translation of the Quran by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan is unique, in that its language is simple, contemporary and easily understandable. The translation comes in different formats, including with and without the Arabic text and the Maulana’s commentary, as well as a pocket-sized book. The printing and over all get-up are also very elegant. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has also translated the Quran into Hindi and Urdu.
How to set-up a Quran Distribution Centre
The translation of the Quran is available at Goodword Books, New Delhi, at a subsidised rate, between Rs 25 and 30, in Hindi, English, and Urdu. A team of volunteers stock copies. When an individual requests for a copy of the Quran by filling out the Free Quran Request Form on our website [http://www.cpsglobal.org/quran/free], we forward the request to the concerned team and then the team dispatches a free copy of the translation of the Quran to the person who requests for it. For more details about how you could set up a Quran Distribution Centre or otherwise help in this dawah initiative, click on http://www.cpsglobal.org/quran/distributor.Those who wish to join the Mission and want to set-up a Quran Distribution Centre in their area can please write to us at [email protected]. For more details about Al-Quran Mission, see www.alquranmission.org