Avoid Ramadan Parties


Avoid Ramadan Parties

Urgent Advisory: Start of Ramadan and Observance of Eid-ul-Fitr
Character building during Ramadan
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The month of Ramadan! The blessed ninth month on Islamic Lunar Calendar. This is also known as the month of the Quran and the month of Lailatul Qadr. Allah (SWT) says in Quran: Surely! We have sent down the Quran in Lailatul Qadr (Night of Power or Decree), and this Night is better than a thousand months. Meaning the worship of Allah (SWT) in this one Night is better than thousand months.

Ramadan is the month in which Allah (SWT) has prescribed a special obligatory Ibada of fasting (Saum) for all able-bodied, healthy, and mentally sound believers. Fasting enfolds many virtues within itself.

First: Islam means total submission to Allah in peace. Fasting is the test of submission, as you are commanded by Allah (SWT) to get up at odd hours in the early morning, eat, and fast from dawn to dusk. While fasting, what was Halal (permitted) before would be Haram at Allah’s command. After breaking the fast, the permitted Halal, which was Haram during fasting, will again be Halal throughout the Night till Sahri time.

Second: Allah (SWT) likes to be known by his two most beautiful names. Ar Rehman and Ar Raheem, meaning the most Compassionate and most Merciful. How does he show his compassion and mercy towards believers? By being generous and providing opportunities to earn rewards many folds during the month of Ramadan to pave the way towards Jannah. Allah promises that when a believer fasts, it is between them and ME, I am the witness, and I will reward him accordingly. When it comes to giving, Allah (SWT) knows no bounds.

Third: During Ramadan, each good deed is spiritually rewarded many folds. Allah (SWT) is providing an opportunity and enticing the believers to do as many good deeds and reap the benefits to reach the ultimate goal of Jannah with HIS blessings and mercy.

Fourth: Take advantage of the month of Ramadan and fulfill your third obligatory Ibadah of Zakah in this holy month and multiply the rewards. Be generous with your Sadaqa and other noble charities too.

Fifth: Remember fasting is just not about refraining from food and drinks. It is also about keeping your thoughts, words, and deeds clean. Being pious is about Taqwa, about staying away from the vices and upholding the virtues. It is about holding back on anger and practicing patience. It is about being nice and kind towards all living beings.

Sixth: Fasting is about feeling the pangs of hunger a sense of relating your hunger to the empty stomach of a hungry person. Allah (SWT) will bestow immense rewards when a fasting person is fed and quenches his thirst.

Seventh: Extra Sunnah Ibadah in the month of Ramadan called Taraweeh is embedded with many rewards too. Taraweeh is done after Isha. Praying in the night hours, listening to Quran, listening to the speech of the Imam, meeting and greeting fellow musallis, etc. Each of these acts carries multiple rewards.

During Ramadan month do not indulge in overfeeding yourself and be lazy during the daytime with the excuse of fasting. Your day has to be as normal as it can be.

In Ramadan, fasting for a month is just not supposed to be overhauling spiritually but also Physically. People overeat in Sahri, saying, I have to go hungry all day long. They overeat in Iftar, saying, I was hungry all day long. In the name of preparing good and tasty food, almost everything is fried and greasy, resulting in gaining weight. It goes against the grain of the Ramadan spirit.

Please avoid the Ramadan parties. Yes, there are great rewards to feeding a fasting person. If you want to do it, do it in Masajid with the cooperation of management. People can break the fast and also attend the Maghreb salat in Masjid, again carrying many fold rewards both for the giver and the taker.

Ramadan parties have become more common. A display of money, power, and status by the so-called elite of society. The invitees are rich and famous, relatives and friends. Party halls are booked, and guests dressed in party attire and adorned with jewelry show off attitude than being in a spiritual mode and mood. Please avoid arranging and attending such parties or any celebrations and deprive yourself and attendees of not being in Masajids for Obligatory Sunnah Salat. Make the month of Ramadan a month for atonement.

Save the enjoyment and celebration for Eid Parties. Invite all your friends and families, both Muslims and non-Muslims, show generosity all you can, give Eid bonuses to employees and workers, and dole out the food, clothes, and money in charity to poor, needy, and downtrodden, especially orphans and widows.

We don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Make an intention of fasting (who are eligible) in the fast-approaching month of Ramadan. If Allah (SWT) wills, blessings may start as of today.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Ramadan, Kareem. May Allah guide us and keep us on the right and straight path. Aameen.

Anything good I said is from Allah (SWT), and if I have erred, it is from my lack of knowledge and understanding.