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A Dargah with a Difference

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It was delightful to read the article “A Dargah with a Difference” in Islamic Voice issue November 2017. The continuation of the initiatives taken by his late father, the Sajjadanashin Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini is indeed laudable. People will be surprised to know the state-of-the art facilities provided to the zaireens (Pilgrims) who visit the Dargah from far and wide. It is heartening to know that the Dargah authorities have spruced the environment, have installed vacuum cleaners, air-conditioners, boom barriers and have created a modern bazaar. What is even more appreciable is that the Dargah management and the Khaja Education Society run so many educational and training institutions. Long ago, Islamic Voice had carried another memorable piece “A Tale of Two Khajas” portraying the pathetic state of the Dargah of Ajmer where proceeds from the hundi only go into private coffers of Khadims. There was hardly any institution being run by the Dargah management at Ajmer then. It is time Ajmer Dargah authorities take a leaf out of the Hazrath Khwaja Bandanawaz Dargah’s book and channelise the donations for the service of the community and the humanity at large.

Zameeruddin, Bengaluru
[email protected].