Importance of Political Awareness

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Importance of Political Awareness

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A Call to Action

I hope this message finds you well. I recently read the article “Importance of Political Awareness” by Tahsin Ahmed in the first issue of ISLAMIC VOICE for the year 2024. I found the topic highly relevant and well-articulated, particularly in light of the upcoming general parliamentary elections.
The piece effectively addresses the question of why voting is crucial, emphasizing that it is the primary means by which individuals can assert their presence and existence in a country. The author rightly highlights the significance of voting as a way to secure representation for the minority community in the national legislative body.
The article delves into short- and long-term strategies for enhancing the representation of the minority community. It is alarming to note the decline in minority representation in parliament, leading to the spread of false propaganda and promises. The lack of political awareness, especially among women, is identified as a major concern that has broader societal implications.
The author emphasizes the need for the community to utilize both young and experienced resources to achieve fair and desirable political outcomes. The call for increased political awareness among youth and the establishment of systems to train political leaders within the community is particularly noteworthy.
In my opinion, the steps outlined in the article present a compelling call to action for responsible citizens in a democratic country. It is crucial to echo the importance of participating in the election process through various platforms, expose candidates with questionable motives, and educate the impoverished about the sanctity of their voting rights.
I commend the author for shedding light on these critical issues and providing practical steps towards building a healthier democracy. I believe that this message needs to reach a broader audience, and I encourage you to consider sharing it through additional channels to maximize its impact.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to reading more thought-provoking articles in the future.
Qazi Minhaj Azher,

Appreciation for the Article on Political Awareness
I recently had the opportunity to read the article titled “Importance of Political Awareness” by Syed Tahsin Ahmed in the January 2024 issue of ISLAMIC VOICE. I wanted to express my appreciation for the insightful and well-articulated piece.
The article covers various aspects of the subject under different sub-headings, providing a holistic view of the importance of political awareness. It serves as a timely reminder for readers to delve deeper into news and social issues, encouraging a more informed and engaged citizenry.
I completely agree with the author’s perspective on the role of NGOs. The emphasis on focusing wholeheartedly on a single issue and avoiding diversion into unrelated topics resonates with the need for a focused and impactful approach.
The suggestion to read at least one article a day from the editor’s section is an excellent way to foster a habit of informed reading and critical thinking. I believe such initiatives contribute significantly to building a more aware and responsible society.
Thank you for publishing such thought-provoking articles, and I look forward to more insightful content in the future.
Mrs. Sharifa Shaheen,
Richmond Town,
Bangalore .