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Do remember Aasra when you think of donating.
Zakat the third most important pillar of Islam means donating ones wealth, time and efforts back into the community/ helping the poor and the needy. ‘Aasra’ has been striving to do this since the time of its conception. Its aim is to shelter the homeless, protect destitute women and help them solve their individual problems with counselling and legal aid. It provides a short stay for the needy, counselling for family disputes, monthly ration for widows where over 60 families benefit from at present, educational scholarship to over 500 orphans/ physically challenged students and free medical camps.
‘Aasra’ has grown its branches and has started a second unit at Hegdenagar with Al Quds primary school. The construction of new classrooms has started and the school provides education to the less fortunate children of our society who are children of domestic home helps, and other menial workers.
‘Aasra’ has a purpose, it speaks for those who are speechless, gives hands to the handicapped and stength to struggling legs to stand up and face the challenges of life. Help this unique organization to attain its resolution. Do remember Aasra when you think of donating, while you give away your zakat this Ramadan so that it is channeled in the right direction.
Please donate your contributions to: Aasra women and children welfare trust. A/c . no. 0419201002285, IFSC-CNRB0000419, Canara Bank Devarajeeanahalli branch, Bangalore 560084. Dr. Sajida Begum, Founder/ President
Ph: 98453 83905