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Exemplary Activities by a Religious Institution

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Compliments to the Islamic Voice for publishing the article, “A Dargah with a difference” (Nov 2017), by Mr Maqbool Ahmed Siraj. The writer has brought to fore the exemplary activities being done by a religious institution. If other religious organizations follow the footsteps of Hazrat Khawaja Bandanawaz Dargah at Gulbarga, they can bring miraculous changes in society. The dynamic leader Dr, Shah Mohammad Khusro Hussaini deserves kudos for taking the institution to such heights. May Allah grant him long life with robust health to serve the down-trodden sections of society with more courage, more enthusiasm, more energy. May Dr. Shah Mohammad Khusro Hussaini’s tribe increase by leaps and bounds.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bawani
Rajkot, Gujarat,
[email protected]