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File a PIL against Waqf Board

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This is with reference to the front page report in your esteemed monthly publication, Islamic Voice. I hope the readers must have got the message as to why such prominence is given to the Waqf Board misuse. It is because the Waqf Board is not acting upon its responsibility, and it is the duty of readers to act upon it and file a PIL.
I would go further in requesting readers, brothers and sisters to come forward to file a PIL in the Supreme court, against the Waqf Board about how it is violating the rights of poor women, orphans and encroaching on properties. The Supreme Court will be compelled to act upon it, as it has shown great interest in PIL on Triple Talaq
There are a few Supreme Court lawyers who do not charge fee for such matters. I have always voiced my concern on Wakf issues and Islamic Voice has always published my views. There are so many organisations in Bangalore and I fail to understand why they are silent on the wrong doings of the Waqf Board, that too when a square foot of land in Bangalore was sold for Rs 45,000 and our community is sleeping over Wakf properties. As reported in Islamic Voice, the appointing of nodal officers is not envisaged in the Waqf Act.

Noor Mohammed
[email protected]