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Community is Sleeping on Wakf Issues

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In the November 2014 issue of Islamic Voice, you have posed a question, ” can we trust the Waqf Board” ? Do we have another choice? We do not have! Trust you must, but if there are any failings, we have to blame ourselves, for we get the Board, we deserve. It is for us to be alert, as the new Committee of the Muslim Orphanage has shown the way to correct matters when they go wrong. And legally speaking, moratorium on Amanath Bank will apply to existing deposits and not to fresh deposits. You also have another choice, and that is, you can approach the Lok Auykta as public money is involved. In these days of “loot and scoot, ” we have to be very alert, otherwise people whom you trust most, often betray you. The Muslim Orphanage will get back the money as the administrator had no right to risk public money in a sinking ship. You have posed another question- how could the Wakf Board be trusted to protect, develop and safeguard the thousands of properties in the vast state? So again, if we do not act against the wrong doings, we have to blame ourselves. For protection of Wakf properties, the government since 18, October 1985, has issued at least seven orders to safeguard Wakf properties- i,e to update revenue records and remove encroachments, but Deputy Commissioners have not acted upon it. In fact re-survey is mandatory once in 20 years. The government sanctioned Rs 100 crores in an order dated 4/2/2002. “The present survey will be completed,” says Quamar ul Islam. let us hope he will live up to his name as the word “Islam ” is
sacred to us and let us trust him. But why leave it to him? What is the community doing? We are sleeping, and the encroachers are enjoying. And it is the state government which is the single largest encroacher of Wakf properties in Karnataka.
Noor Mohammed, Yelwal, Mysore