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Thanks for the good articles!

A Rejoinder from Joel Hayward
God and His Mercy
“Importance of NGOs for Socio-Economic development among Muslim minorities.”

Thank you for publishing many good articles. I particularly appreciate the articles on interfaith/inter-community harmony, a subject that is of immense relevance today. Indeed, one could say that the future of humankind depends crucially on this issue.
You might consider publishing more articles by people from different religious and spiritual traditions, focussing particularly on religiousness, rather than institutionalised religion. I think there is a need to move from a dogmatic understanding of religion, as based on dogmas and rituals (which necessarily divides people), to universal spirituality, based on the awareness of the presence of God everywhere, within the universe and beyond (a consciousness which can help unite people beyond religious and other boundaries). If you ask me, latter is precisely what the true spiritual men and women of God in different parts of the world have taught.
‘Rohail’, Bangalore