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I read the article captioned “Old age homes and the Muslim community” written by Syed Tahsin Ahmed (IV June 2023) with interest. It is such an informative article that it can even be called a research paper. The article gives comprehensive coverage of Old Age Homes. The article is worth preserving for future reference and study. It inspires people to care for senior citizens.
Ayub Khan,
Advocate, Bangalore .

Dear Sir,
Apropos the article “Old age homes and the Muslim community” (IV June 2023) by Syed Tahsin Ahmed which I read not once, but twice and more. The topic selected for the article is apt and the approach is motivational. The style of the article is amalgamated with the genesis of the theme and chronology to build up clarity. Thanks to Islamic Voice for the very interesting article. I strongly suggest to the author to write a series of articles on relevant Government orders and case studies.
Prof. Syed Akheel Ahmed,
Former Vice Chancellor Yenepoya and Glocal Universities,
Mysore. .

IV issue of June 2023 carried a very sensitive and emotional article titled “Old Age Homes and the Muslim Community” by Tahsin Ahmed. The writer has done an in-depth study of elderly people and their helplessness when their life is on the verge of witnessing the sunset of their life span. I would like to add to what the writer has touched upon.
In the old times, the family consisted of multiple children and as such, it was easier to attend to elderly persons till the end of their lives. The families have not only become smaller but have also become nuclear. Due to the high cost of education for their children, young parents find themselves on a short leash, trying to make ends meet. As such, the responsibility of the parents becomes an obligation, especially when one of the parents becomes bedridden. With both the husband and wife working, it becomes necessary to engage a full-time caretaker or nurse at a hefty price.
The author has rightly pointed out the necessity of old age homes, while at the same time putting an onus on the children and grandchildren to provide the elders a dignified life in their own homes. Waqf properties and minority funds can be used to develop the infrastructure and build the caretaking facilities. Surely it is a thought-provoking article and the need of tomorrow, if not today.
Qazi Minhaj Azher,

The article “How to Stay Focused: The Method of Concentration in a Distracted World “, Islamic Voice, June 2023, by Arshad Sayyed in the Youth column is a thought-provoking article. In these days of AI, the 5 points with additional tips are really a boon to everyone, especially youth.
Agri. A. Kaja Nazimudeen,
Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu. .