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Great Coverage of Gender Issues

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Kudos for Highlighting Malagi’s Services

I am a regular reader of Islamic Voice and I found it a very progressive pan India journal. I specially appreciate the coverage you give to gender issues. The article ‘Women in Islam: Rights and Realities- A birds eye view ‘ by Mr Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in the Dec 2014 issue, presented a detailed analysis of prevailing situations among Muslims. He rightly pointed out that for evil practices like female circumcision, honour killing, Misyaar, Mutaa and triple Talaq, Muslims and not Islam, are responsible. In the previous issue, the article, ‘Women in Parliament’ was also an eye opener. It is great to know that African countries and some Muslim countries like Algeria, Tunisia and Afghanistan are ahead of developed countries with regard to representation of women in Parliament. The article ‘South Asia: Women missing from the Universities’ compels us to ponder on remedial measures. I also appreciate your effort in highlighting the achievements of Muslim women. This serves as a role model for many aspiring girls and women.

Dr Seemin Rubab
Associate Professor, Physics
NIT, Srinagar,
[email protected]