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Where has Our Ijtihad Vanished?

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Muslims live with a paradox, a situation where the intellect of the ummah has ideologically vanished and the intellectual class of the ummah is worst affected by the sectarian mindset. Most of the Muslim rulers tried to grab the resources, instead of winning the hearts. Some Muslim rulers utilized most percentage of their budget in the education and research sector. The fun of utilizing this huge amount made them strong ideologically and technologically. The cream of the society understood the meaning and purpose of life through this high quality education. The primary source of knowledge was Quran and Sunnah. Today the ummah has reached a level where thousands of books are being published without any reference, which has led to a disaster and false ideologies are spread in the name of Islam. Let people directly understand the word of God, preach it, practice it and try to implement it through a proper channel. Ijtihad is the independent reasoning, an individual can put forth in an activity. It is the base of Islamic law and represents a decision making process. The present scholars have avoided the issue of ijtihad, which has created confusion in the minds of youth.
Musa Kalimullah, [email protected]